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25,000 your supports

By registering your support for the idea, you help build momentum across Canada for a basic income guarantee.

We also invite you to join the growing number of Basic Income Canada Network allies, advocates and champions.  By subscribing to email or text updates, you can receive periodic information about BICN's work, events, and progress in the basic income movement, and you can connect with others who share your interests.

Who's signing

Sheila Thomson
Kevin Jia-Ming Tam
Cody Fram
Felix Lau
John Delbert Hamilton
Alexey Adamsky
Diana Lanctôt
Tracy Quitalig
Khaled Hobishi
Feras Sahloul 🍁
Marianne Lucier
Kate Bondy
Joey Toribio
robert laforge
Michael LeBlanc
ward smith🧢
Alicia Onyett
Nigel Phillips

"I support the idea of a basic income guarantee for everyone in Canada."

"Je soutiens l'idée d'un revenu de base garanti pour tous au Canada."

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