Youth Network

Who are we?

NoneEstablished in 2020, the Basic Income Canada Youth Network is a group of engaged young people under 35 who are passionate about basic income. 

Affiliated with BICN and working alongside them and other partners, we mobilize young people to advocate for and celebrate the benefits of a basic income through community-building, education, and activism.

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What we do

Guided by our steering committee and in partnership with allies, we engage members on and offline through webinars, letter-writing campaigns, op-eds, and other youth-designed and led projects.

What we’ve been up to so far:

  • Co-authored a letter to the Prime Minister with the Canadian Council of Young Feminists calling for a guaranteed livable income, with endorsements representing over one million young people from across the country
  • Hosted two educational webinars on basic income, with participants honing from across the country
  • Alongside the Canadian Council of Young Feminists, developed a one-pager on youth and basic income (aussi disponible en français)
  • Ran an interactive, virtual brainstorming session on developing the youth case for basic income

Get involved

The best way to keep up to date with what we’re doing and learn more about how to get involved is by signing up for our newsletter. We invite everyone – youth or not – to sign up and stay in the loop. We’ll send out more youth-specific opportunities and chances to speak with one another, as well.

As new projects and ways to get involved arise, we’ll share them here as well. Feel free to reach out for more information if anything speaks to you!

Current opportunities:

  • Catch our steering committee members Robert and Chloe on a Basic Income and Youth webinar hosted by the Tamarack Institute on May 27th, 2020 – registration is now open!
  • Are you a young person interested in basic income and engaged in the arts and culture or LGBTQ2S+ community? We may have a role for you! Connect with us over email to learn more.

Connect with us

Find us on BICN’s social media pages on Twitter and Facebook. Got an idea for a project we should take on together, or are you a young person looking to see where you fit? Send us an email at - we’re always happy to chat.


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