Why universal basic income is worth a serious look

The Economist

Too many people in Scotland are being failed by the UK government’s social-security and employment-support systems and we have seen rising poverty levels in recent years.

In addition—at least for some—finding employment is sadly no longer the protection against poverty it once was. In-work poverty is now at an all-time high and the majority of adults and children in relative poverty live in households where someone is in paid work.

That is why we are using new devolved powers in social security and employability to take decisive action to change things for the better. We want to deliver a system with dignity, fairness and respect at its centre.

It is at times like this—when we have the opportunity to decide the best policies to serve the people of Scotland—that it is important to debate and test innovative ideas. New ideas shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand, but should be looked at closely to consider the risks and benefits, costs and savings, and in the case of any changes to the welfare system whether it will enhance people’s well-being. 

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