Why the Liberals should institute a basic income guarantee

From The National Post:

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave his ministers their marching orders shortly after taking office, he instructed Families, Children and Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos to make relieving poverty on a national scale a top priority. But did he mean for that to eventually take the form of a basic income guarantee?

A basic income guarantee is known by many names, including a guaranteed annual income, a minimum income and a negative income tax, among others. But the essence is that it ensures everyone an income that is sufficient to meet their basic needs, regardless of work status. It provides a direct cash transfer to the people who most need economic security. 

The policy has fans across the political spectrum, with some intrigued at the premise of eradicating poverty and others enamoured with the idea of eliminating massive bureaucracies, such as the welfare system.

Minister Duclos, an economist by training, signalled strong support for a basic income guarantee in a 2008 Institute for Research on Public Policy brief. 

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