Why Arguing over the Morality of Basic Income is a Waste of Time


The arguments over the morality of basic income are a waste of time because the public already accepts the concept.

To explain, every day, state, local, and national governments giveaway vast amounts of goods, services, and cash. For example, most local governments in the United States operate free public parks and libraries.

In addition, almost all the roads, highways, freeways, and trails in the United States are free for any driver, hiker, walker, or cyclist to use. Beyond that, almost all governments provide free fire departments, ambulance services, and police forces.

Almost all citizens use these services without thinking about them. On the national level, the protection provided by the military is free to all citizens.

The Morality of Basic Income Does not Matter

Arguments over the morality of basic income not matter because most citizens readily accept government giveaways.

For instance; 67.609 million Americans were receiving Social Securitypayments in August 2018. Significantly, Social Security is a kind of basic income paid to senior citizens, widows, orphans, and the disabled.

Additionally 56.8 million Americans were taking part in Medicare (taxpayer financed health insurance) for seniors. Moreover, 73.190 million Americans were receiving Medicaid or CHIP (taxpayer financed health insurance) for the poor and children in July 2018.

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