We need guaranteed basic income

The Review

During this COVID 19 Pandemic, Justin Trudeau should seize this moment and take an initiative to implement new socially progressive programs, like a universal basic income and a national pharmacare program. Our country needs a Franklin Delano Roosevelt “New Deal” Approach to some of our country’s socioeconomic ills! Out of the Great Depression (1929 – 1939) and the Second World War (1939 – 1945) came Social Security and Unemployment Insurance, and in Canada’s case, Family Allowance (or the “Baby Bonus”).

Many of our European allies implemented universal public medicare (including pharmacare) systems in their respective countries long before Canada did. Now, hard times call for desperate measures!

Some people are aware that I have been involved with the Provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy consultations since it was first initiated by the former Danny Williams PC Government in 2005! When it comes to Poverty and our social safety net, it is a complicated issue.

Out of the poverty reduction strategy recommendations, there is pharmacare, dental care, child care, basic income, a living wage, housing, and medical transportation, etc.

Right now the CERB & CESB help certain groups in society more so than others. We need a national program that is just, fair and equitable for all Canadians!

Within and outside the Poverty Reduction Strategy Consultations, both federally and provincially, people are unanimous that our current social safety net is not working, and as a result, we learn of cases where people are falling through the cracks!

People I have met say that our federal and provincial social assistance programs don’t go far enough. People are still financially struggling these days. More and more people are having to turn to their local food banks, like Bridges to Hope; to the Gathering Place, New Hope Community Centre, and other agencies, and our unemployment and provincial bankruptcy levels are the highest in the country.

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