Wendy McBain
West Nipissing, ON
Current certification in Personal Support Work. My passion is for administration. Came to Sudbury 10 years ago to escape 6.6 million people and an equal number of cars. Not to mention massive urban sprawl to-boot. Sudbury seemed a good choice.

Annoyed citizen that wants change - Basic Income is a great start!

I currently have an Ontario government certification as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) and am finding out very quickly that these low paying jobs are not worth their salt.  The government doesn't recognize the work these people do and probably has no intention of ever recognizing it.

Basic Income Guarantee would enable me to save to get back to school to change my profession and leave a useless one behind.  I wouldn't have to fear financial issues while making the move.   The Basic Income would come in underneath me and gird me up while I'm in transition.  It would provide a "safety net" for me to look around and choose something more suitable to my passion without paying a steep price for needing to make a career change.