UBI Works Announces New Initiative to Highlight Economic Case for Universal Basic Income in Canada


Today, UBI Works launches a new initiative to equip citizens with evidence-based narratives highlighting the economic need and potential of a universal basic income (UBI) in Canada.

UBI Works was created to tell the economic and human stories behind basic income and to correct the many myths that surround these programs. By collecting and sponsoring research, this diverse group of business leaders, politicians, economists, artists and social justice advocates aims to inform Canadians about the empirical realities of basic incomes. In partnering with academics, grass roots organizations and leading advocates, UBI Works will design and share narratives which challenge Canadians to envision and build a more prosperous future.

UBI Works was created because this passionate group of people understood that the changing nature of work, driven by technology and globalization, has created many opportunities for the improvement of human life. However, the gains from technological innovation have been highly uneven, as technological job displacement erodes the middle class and replaces well paying jobs with part-time precarious low-income work. UBI Works represents citizens who believe the evidence which demonstrates that basic incomes can empower and liberate Canadians in the face of these unsustainable and unjust economic trends. 

In October of 2018, UBI Works' first project organized the launch of the CEOs for Basic Income, a group of over 120 Canadian CEOs who came together to sign a letter demanding the Ontario government uphold their promise to continue the Ontario Basic Income Pilot. Despite the pilot's eventual cancellation, this group of CEOs demonstrated the broad support in the business community for evidence-based economic policy. Their letter laid out the economic arguments for basic income, noting its ability to grow the economy and provide opportunity to the many Canadian workers that have been, and will continue to be, displaced by a rapidly changing economy.

Now, UBI Works will continue its mission by examining the economic impacts of Canada's largest basic income for families, the Canada Child Benefit. With the findings from this and future research, UBI Works eventually aims to propose a true national basic income program for all Canadians.

According to UBI Works' Founder, Floyd Marinescu, "implementing a basic income is an urgent economic need. The structural displacement of millions of Canadians into low-income work, is a threat to our economy and democracy. Basic income is the missing plumbing that can harness structural changes in the global economy to be in service to humanity rather than work against the fortunes of most people. Automation, globalization, and the growing gig economy are reducing the share of national income for most people. In addressing these challenges there is a great opportunity, to realize the potential of a market economy to allow everyone to pursue their potential in life and maintain their security and freedom."

For more information and to see what is next, please visit ubiworks.ca