Time to Make Manitoba a 'have' province

By Lorna Turnbull for The Winnipeg Free Press

‘We are a ‘have’ province," Brian Pallister proclaimed in his victory speech April 19, "(and) we will build a better future for all Manitobans."

On Monday, the premier set the tone for the future of Manitoba with his throne speech mapping out the new government’s agenda.

A few weeks from now, the Conservatives’ first budget will let us see if they will put our money where their mouth is.

As a proud taxpayer, I want to see our money devoted to ensuring every Manitoban will indeed have a better future — and I want that future to come soon. Manitobans living in poverty are unable to enjoy the benefits of being citizens of a "have" province in a rich western democracy. And they are also not able to enjoy many of their other human rights that we understand as being foundational to human dignity.

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