Thousands of Kenyans to be given universal basic income for a decade

By Hardeep Matharu, The Independent

A charity is aiming to provide thousands of Kenyans with a basic income for at least the next decade in a bid to investigate how a fundamental level of economic freedom could change people’s lives.

GiveDirectly, an organisation that was set up to transfer cash payments to those in poverty in Kenya and neighbouring Uganda, has said it now wants to structure its donations in such a way that would guarantee at least 6,000 Kenyans “an ongoing income, high enough to meet their basic needs – a universal basis income or basic income guarantee”.

The charity is hoping to put $10million of its own funds into the scheme, to match the first $10million donated by others.

The debate around introducing a universal basic income – or citizen’s income – has picked up pace in recent years with an increasing number of politicians, public policy architects, think tanks and charities advocating the idea.

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