Prospect of minimum income gaining steam

From the National Post

At a Montreal convention in 2014 when the Liberal party was a lowly third power in Parliament, its members passed Policy Resolution 100, pledging to create a “Basic Annual Income” to solve problems in the social safety net, from pension risk to seasonal worker benefits.

That promise, to guarantee a minimum income, has a new urgency entering 2016, as the new Liberal majority government brings that platform to life in a country clamouring for new ways to manage welfare and benefits.

It is not a new idea, much the opposite. Its many champions include American Founding Father Thomas Paine, on the grounds that everyone is entitled to share in general prosperity. He thought the state should pay citizens a bonus, perhaps on their 21st birthday, which would minimize the “invidious distinctions” between rich and poor. Unlike his other views, it did not catch on in America.

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