Poverty reduction report in Thunder Bay, Ont., shows impact of basic income cancellation

City councillors in Thunder Bay, Ont., heard how the cancellation of the province's basic income pilot project is having an impact on some of the poorest people in the city.

The Lakehead Social Planning Council (LSPC) gave council a basic profile of those who are most affected by poverty, which the report said tend to be Indigenous people, women and those between the ages of 30 and 49. While the report gave many facts and figures on how many people in the city are affected by poverty, it also offered some solutions.

"Tiny homes, garden suites, granny suites, whatever you want to call them," said Bonnie Krysowaty, a social researcher at the LSPC.

She said one big driver for those in need, is housing. As for the basic income project, Marie Klassen, the director of the LSPC, said it opened up a new way of life for those who took part in the program.

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