PART 1: Time to act for a basic income guarantee

The Chronicle-Herald

The P.E.I. Working Group for a Livable Income is excited to congratulate the legislative assembly of P.E.I. for endorsing the final report of the special committee on poverty on P.E.I., which recommends a basic income guarantee for P.E.I.

The report provides a fully costed, workable and achievable model for a basic income guarantee that could eliminate poverty in P.E.I. It was a groundbreaking day for P.E.I. and Canada when this important report was adopted, and the time to act on the report is now!

We write today to urge the P.E.I. government to begin immediately to negotiate with the federal government for the launch of a permanent basic income guarantee in P.E.I., as recommended in the report.

The Prince Edward Island Working Group for a Livable Income has been advocating since 2013 for P.E.I. to launch a provincewide program for a basic income guarantee: one that can be scaled up to include all of Canada.

Advocates across Canada, notably Coalition-Canada: basic income-revenu de base, have been looking to P.E.I. as we have seen historic successes with regards to the process.

Successive legislatures have strongly endorsed motions across all political parties in favour of basic income guarantee, principles to define a truly just program, and now, the first fully costed, provincewide basic income model in Canada.

We were happy to contribute to the work undertaken by the special committee on poverty on P.E.I. and keenly anticipated its milestone report.

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