Our Next BIG Idea!

Posted on behalf of Sheila Regehr, Chairperson, Basic Income Canada Network

With our newly-launched website, Basic Income Canada Network is now working to become a more dynamic News leader! You will see stories unfolding regularly over the coming weeks that demonstrate our commitment to curate and create basic income news. To continue providing information about developments as they happen, however, we’ll depend on ongoing financial support--from people like you.

Here’s what you can look forward to and why it’s worth your contribution:


  • There is a great deal of news and information ‘out there’, and it’s growing. We want to find and curate this information so it can be easily accessed, shared widely, and put to use by concerned Canadians in ways that will advance the basic income movement. 
  • The ‘news’ includes items from mainstream media and items that have not (yet) surfaced there. It can include stories, commentary, local accomplishments, government statements, and more that adds to our knowledge base and builds the evidence for good policy.
  • The focus is on Canada, supplemented by important developments from the United States, Europe and elsewhere.


And, there’s much more:


  • We are generating original news by creating stories and buzz. Basic income supporter and journalist Roderick Benns was the first to capture and confirm Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s commitment to playing a leadership role among mayors in support of basic income. That story then generated coverage by mainstream media of Nenshi’s initiative. Roderick and other writers will be creating this kind of momentum that we so urgently need.
  • Original stories from interviews with other mayors across the country, other prominent Canadians and from people whose lives would be changed by a basic income show how much potential support there is; people just need to be asked, and BICN wants to keep asking and keep writing.
  • We’ll use Twitter and other social media tools to spread the word, and network with traditional media too.


Please contribute. Your gift today, at whatever level you can afford, will bring us closer to the $10,000 we need to continue this approach to dynamic news creation. I also encourage you to become a monthly donor or to increase your regular donation if you are able; this is such a great way to sustain BICN’s ability to make news and build the social movement that will lead Canada towards a basic income for all.


I’m making a donation as a way to mark Thanksgiving this year and I hope you’ll join me.                        

Thank you for your generosity!

Sheila Regehr
Basic Income Canada Network