Opportunity in pandemic: P.E.I. group sees the makings of basic income

CBC News

When the federal government unveiled its plan to provide Canadians whose employment has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with a monthly income of $2,000, members of P.E.I.'s Working Group for a Livable Income saw something that looked a lot like what they and others have been trying to bring to P.E.I. for years: a basic guaranteed income.

"It's very close to what we would be advocating for," said Jillian Kilfoil, executive director of Women's Network PEI, one of the members of the working group.

"This wouldn't be ... the exact model that we would necessarily advocate for. But it does provide that universal monthly income to people and we would just want to take that and expand that."

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) offers income support for up to 16 weeks to those who lose pay because of the pandemic. A government news release says the program will cover Canadians who lost their jobs, got sick, are under quarantine or have to stay home because of school closures.

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