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London, ON
London, Ontario basic income advocacy and research group. To join the conversation, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or contact us via email to join the team and our Slack workgroup at http://basic-income-london.slack.com. Contact: basic.income.london@g

Basic Income Waterloo Region is committed to making basic income in Canada a reality.

Educating, engaging, advocating and building community partnerships with the citizens of Halton to address and reduce poverty.

Group Ottawa for BIG meets regularly to raise public awareness and build public and political support for basic income. Contact: Clarke Topp at clarketopp@gmail.com

A group to discuss, debate, advocate and advertise basic income in Hamilton and surrounding area. Contact: hamilton.basic.income@gmail.com

Founded in November 2013, Kingston Action Group for BIG is a dynamic group of volunteers focused on raising awareness about basic income and building public and political support. Contact: Toni Pickard at tpickard1@cogeco.ca

Niagara, ON
The Niagara BIG Group meets the first Monday of every month, 3:00-4:30 pm at Community Care, 129 Church Street in St. Catherines. Contact: Rhonda Barron at rhonda.barron@bridgeschc.ca

Working with partners to advocate for a basic income guarantee for Ontarians. For more information: www.basicincomecanada.org/obin; Joe Foster, Facilitator, joe01foster@gmail.com

Goderich, ON
Contact: Cindy Moyer at advocacy@eastlink.ca

Toronto, ON
Contact: Tim Ellis at Director@ProgressChampions.com