Nunavut to look at guaranteed basic income program

CBC News

The government of Nunavut is looking at what it would take to have a guaranteed basic income in the territory. 

A request for proposals for a feasibility study for a guaranteed basic income program has been issued by the Nunavut Department of Family Services.

A guaranteed basic income is a program that provides individuals and families with income sufficient to live on with few or no conditions for eligibility. 

In 2017, 40 per cent of Nunavummiut relied on income assistance, according to the government of Nunavut. In 2019, 37 per cent of residents were on income assistance. 

"The significant impact of the ransomware attack on Nunavut government public services and the current COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated the need for improvement in the Income Assistance Regulations and administrative processes," says the request for proposals.

"There is a need for a long-term, simplified and sustainable solution to providing financial supports to those most in need, while not creating a disincentive to participate in the economy."

CBC News requested an interview with the Department of Family Services, but was denied because the request for proposals is still open.

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