Waterloo Region joins call for support of basic income resolution

Waterloo Region in Ontario has become the largest municipality in Canada’s largest province to support the movement toward establishing a Basic Income Guarantee in Canada.

The motion – which originated with Kingston City Council and was sent to all municipalities across Ontario – called for a national discussion on the issue, urging the provinces and federal government to work together to “consider, investigate, and develop a Basic Income Guarantee for all Canadians.”

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Reforms to income security in Ontario to work in tandem with Basic Income pilot

By Laurie Monsebraaten for the Toronto Star

If there’s one thing Helena Jaczek hates it’s losers.

As community and social services minister since 2014, Jaczek is determined to create only winners as she carries out her mandate to improve income security for vulnerable Ontarians, including almost 1 million living on social assistance.

“I said as long as I’m here, there are no losers,” she says, explaining the marching orders she has given to ministry bureaucrats.

It is also the challenge she has presented to members of a working group she will announce Wednesday to help her forge an action plan over the next 14 months.

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Hugh Segal made special advisor for Basic Income pilot in Ontario

With files from Roderick Benns

Ontario has appointed the Honourable Hugh Segal to provide advice on the design and implementation of a Basic Income Pilot in Ontario, as announced in the 2016 provincial budget.

Basic income, or guaranteed annual income, is a payment to eligible families or individuals that ensures a minimum level of income. Ontario will design and implement a pilot program to test the growing view that a basic income could help deliver income support more efficiently, while improving health, employment and housing outcomes for Ontarians.

As Special Advisor on Basic Income, Segal will draw on his expertise in Canadian and international models of basic income and consult with thought leaders to help Ontario design a pilot.

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Universal basic income, an idea whose time has come

By Bryan Dean Wright for the San Francisco Chronicle

Two recent studies from the Pew Research Center confirm what many in the U.S. have long suspected: The great economic engine of America — the middle class — is in full retreat, with its children stuck living at home.

As we look for answers, it’s become clear that there are none to be found in the boorish 2016 presidential campaign. What we hear are government solutions that are too expensive (free tuition), too fanciful (a big wall) or too much Uncle Sam (single-payer health care). While liberals and conservatives bicker, the middle class burns. They want their jobs back, along with the security that comes with them.

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Basic Income: Let's learn to value unpaid work

By Martin Whitlock for the Huffington Post

Which is more remarkable - that 77% of Swiss voters rejected proposals for a basic income in a referendum last weekend, or that 23% voted in favour? Admittedly the turnout was low, probably because there was little realistic chance of the proposal being passed, but the fact remains that nearly a quarter of the votes were in support of a radical, socially progressive idea of which nobody much was talking until very recently.

A well-executed basic income policy fixes so many socio-economic issues - both present and looming - that it’s tempting to think not if, but when.

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Basic income: an investment model of support is needed

By Sharon Murphy for The Chronicle-Herald

A while ago I attended an international conference on basic guaranteed income. I came away thinking, like Dr. Jim Mulvale with the social work department at the University of Regina, that our patchwork quilt of traditional income support programs is not working.

I came away more convinced than ever our system is broken and we need a change.

We need an investment model as opposed to a charity model of income support. 

We need a basic livable income that will allow all Canadians to live with dignity and to realize their potential.

One speaker talked about charting a new path of growth and systemic change, based on proposals that have been developed and implemented by participatory and democratic methods, avoiding the danger of proposals rooted in volunteerism and the expression of good intentions. 

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BICN Chair says recent basic income congress was better than ever

By Roderick Benns

After attending Basic Income congresses both nationally and internationally for about a decade now, the chair of the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) says the latest Winnipeg, Manitoba congress beats them all in at least one area – the diversity of people attending.

“In the 10 years I’ve been going I’ve never seen anything like this one,” says Sheila Regehr of the recent North American Congress, where about 150 people attended to talk about Basic Income.

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