Greens target poverty with basic income pitch

Winnipeg Free Press

A provincial Green government would implement a basic income for all Manitobans, if elected Sept. 10.

Green Leader James Beddome said it would cost $1.58 billion per year to pull every Manitoban out of poverty.

"We wanted to show what Manitoba could do alone," he said at a news conference Friday, flanked by federal Green Leader Elizabeth May.

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Ont. Liberal leadership candidate promises to bring back Basic Income Pilot

CTV News

Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Alvin Tedjo is promising to revive the Universal Basic Income Project, which was cut by the Doug Ford government this year, and expand it across the province if the party is elected in 2022.

In a major policy proposal, the leadership contender tells CTV News Toronto offering the program province-wide would come with a $5 to $6-billion price tag, but could also result in billions of dollars in cost savings and economic spinoffs.

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A 20-year basic income experiment is being considered in Quebec

Gaspesie region of Quebec.Basic Income Earth Network

Gaspesie and Îles-de-la-Madeleine regional public health director Yv Bonnier Viger is convinced that basic income can have dramatic positive effects on people’s health. So much so that the local public health sector, plus other regional organizations focused on health, well-being and poverty alleviation, are pushing for a 20-year long experiment in these two localities, also including Bas-Saint-Laurent.

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The need is now for basic income

Kamloops This Week

The creeping growth of automation in our retail environment has led to heated debate on social media. My boss, KTW editor Christopher Foulds, got the discussion started last Friday by writing about a sudden increase in the number of self-serve checkouts at the local Walmart.

His column was followed by a couple of letters in this past Wednesday’s newspaper, as well as some robust discussion on the KTW Facebook page.

There are people on both sides of the issue — those who believe using self-checkouts is more efficient, allowing them to get on with their day faster, and those who shun the machines because they fear automation is costing people jobs.

It’s clearly an emotional issue, with people on both sides debating their points passionately — and it’s easy to see reasons to agree with either team.

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Manitoba Greens lay out proposal for basic income program

Winnipeg Sun

The Green Party of Manitoba laid out specifics on Sunday of one of the party’s main platforms: the proposal for Basic Income and more progressive tax system.

“Dealing with poverty and inequality is not only the right thing to do morally, it is also the smart thing to do economically for taxpayers,” said Green Party of Manitoba leader James Beddome in a press release, outlining the details of the Greens tax reform proposal which includes a fee on pollution and a basic income for Manitobans.

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Ontario shouldn’t make life harder for the poorest

The Star

A year after Doug Ford broke his first election promise by axing the province’s basic income pilot project, the future remains uncertain for Ontarians struggling to make ends meet.

The three-year, $150-million experiment was studying whether unconditional cash payments are a better way to support vulnerable workers and improve health and education outcomes for people living in poverty, including those on social assistance.

With a sample size of 4,000 adults in three test sites — Hamilton-Brant, Thunder Bay and Lindsay — and another 2,000 acting as a control group, it was one of the largest and well-designed studies of its kind.

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Basic income and a global commons

The Ecologist

Extinction Rebellion (XR) is demanding that the UK reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025. This is reasonable, but if we're going to get there so quickly we need to be talking right now about how we can achieve this.

XR is perhaps wise to avoid making detailed proposals – any specifics risk splitting the movement over the fine detail. Better to leave it to their third demand - a Citizen’s Assembly. 

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