Researchers team up to explore basic income experiences

Lindsay Advocate

Four researchers from four Ontario universities have teamed up to explore the experiences of participants in the (now cancelled) Ontario Basic Income Pilot (OBIP). The goal of this research is to add the voices of basic income pilot participants and their personal experiences with basic income to the public record, to continue to build the evidence to support a basic income social program.

The researchers are: Lorayne Robertson (Principal Investigator) of Ontario Tech University (, Tracy Smith Carrier of the University of Western Ontario (, Elaine Power of Queen’s University ( and Joli Scheidler Benns of York University who were awarded a SHHRC Insight Grant to conduct the research.

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P.E.I. the right place at the right time for basic income pilot, says Hugh Segal

CBC News

With a federal election coming and all parties in the P.E.I. Legislature agreed, Canada's leading basic income advocate says this is the right time for the province to lobby Ottawa for money.

Former Canadian senator Hugh Segal said with 3.5 million Canadians living in poverty Ottawa has a responsibility to deal with any province that wants to reform the welfare system. Segal is familiar with the Island, having started his career in the office of David MacDonald, an MP for the western P.E.I. riding of Egmont.

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Human again: The (unrealized) promise of basic income in Ontario

Basic Income Earth Network

Leah Hamilton and James P. Mulvale have researched into the implications of the truncated basic income pilot in Ontario, Canada. From a set of controlled, semi-structured interviews, five participants agreed to subject to the procedure.

These participants had experienced both conditional welfare programs such as the Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program, and were beneficiaries of the Ontario basic income pilot until it was terminated by Doug Ford’s cabinet.


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Quebec is considering a 20-Year Basic Income pilot

Basic Income Today

Organizations are coming together in a common alliance for all of Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspesie, and Îles-de-la-Madeleine, and are wanting to test a basic income guarantee in all of these regions for 20 years.

They would like to know if the health of the inhabitants will improve if everyone has access to a guaranteed basic income. It would replace social aid and would stack on top of retirement income for the elderly.

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Basic Income Guarantee an equitable solution for poverty

PEI is ready to adopt a basic income.The Guardian


Basic Income Guarantee (BIG), as a public policy and program, is designed to respond to the belief that all people have the collective right to an income which allows them to live in good health and with dignity.

The P.E.I. Working Group for a Livable Income works on Basic Income Guarantee as its central long-term program. Our work has involved consultations with the P.E.I. community, lobbying public decision-makers and maintaining contact with the national movements for Basic Income Guarantee. Meanwhile, we give close attention to the many ongoing conditions of low income in Prince Edward Island.

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The positive effects of a basic income

University of College Cork Ireland

Analysis: preliminary findings from Finland's experiment with basic income is largely encouraging for advocates of the scheme.

In a previous piece for RTÉ Brainstorm, I discussed the idea of basic income. The piece included data from the European Social Survey which indicated that well over 50% of the Irish population were in favour of the introduction of a basic income here.

Done right, basic income has the potential to (i) lift people out of poverty, (ii) promote social cohesion and remove stigma, (iii) allow people opportunities for self-development through things education and voluntary work and (iv) allow people the opportunity to choose to engage in meaningful work.

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Canada: Cross-party MP committee recommends the federal government to look into basic income

Earlier this month, a cross-party MP ‘commons’ committee released an internal report urging the present liberal government to take a serious look into “new types of income support “that do not depend upon someone having a job””.

The nature of work is changing, everywhere in the world. However, existent social security safety nets have been designed and implemented decades ago, when stable, full-time employment was the norm. 

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