The UBI Already Exists. It Is Just Unevenly Distributed.

People's Policy Project

Max Sawicky has a piece in Jacobin that again repeats the clearly incorrect claim that it would be impossibly expensive to provide everyone in the country a significant cash grant each year.

So what’s wrong with the UBI? In a nutshell, if it’s universal, it can’t be basic, and if it’s basic (provides a decent income floor), it can’t be universal. The US population exceeds 300 million. If the UBI benefit is $10,000 a year (less than Yang’s), you can do the math. The entire federal budget is about $4.4 trillion.

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Basic Income Canada Network urges all federal candidates to support basic income

The Lindsay Advocate

As a federal election draws nearer the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) is urging all federal candidates to consider a basic income as a game-changing solution to income insecurity.

The letter to all federal candidates begins by tackling the issue of financial insecurity head-on.

“As the 2019 federal election approaches, many issues will be debated. A great many of them are linked to income insecurity, which manifests itself in the form of costly symptoms, like anxiety, illness and societal unrest. If the underlying problem is about income, however, then the solution must be, too – or it will not get better.”

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It’s possible to eradicate poverty in Canada

Nunatsiaq News

A homeless person asking for change. An unemployed hopeless youth. A single parent working two jobs. A worker earning a minimum wage that’s way below a living wage. A child deprived of nutritious food. A family striving to find an affordable place to call home.

Poverty is real and we witness it every day.

Defined as economic deprivation, poverty is more than that. Poverty is an assault on human rights.

People susceptible to poverty experience it differently, but for many there is one shared factor: it’s hard to get out of the cycle of poverty. Sadly, poverty could be passed to the next generation as well.

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Why is everyone talking about Universal Basic Income?

In 1516, the English scholar Thomas More published Utopia, a political satire depicting an island where conditions were as they “should be”. In it, he made the first reference to an idea that is now being debated and tested across the world. Every citizen on More’s island (which, it should be pointed out, also featured slaves shackled in chains of gold) is provided with “some means of livelihood”. They are granted, in effect, a universal basic income, or UBI.

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Greens target poverty with basic income pitch

Winnipeg Free Press

A provincial Green government would implement a basic income for all Manitobans, if elected Sept. 10.

Green Leader James Beddome said it would cost $1.58 billion per year to pull every Manitoban out of poverty.

"We wanted to show what Manitoba could do alone," he said at a news conference Friday, flanked by federal Green Leader Elizabeth May.

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Ont. Liberal leadership candidate promises to bring back Basic Income Pilot

CTV News

Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Alvin Tedjo is promising to revive the Universal Basic Income Project, which was cut by the Doug Ford government this year, and expand it across the province if the party is elected in 2022.

In a major policy proposal, the leadership contender tells CTV News Toronto offering the program province-wide would come with a $5 to $6-billion price tag, but could also result in billions of dollars in cost savings and economic spinoffs.

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A 20-year basic income experiment is being considered in Quebec

Gaspesie region of Quebec.Basic Income Earth Network

Gaspesie and Îles-de-la-Madeleine regional public health director Yv Bonnier Viger is convinced that basic income can have dramatic positive effects on people’s health. So much so that the local public health sector, plus other regional organizations focused on health, well-being and poverty alleviation, are pushing for a 20-year long experiment in these two localities, also including Bas-Saint-Laurent.

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