Basic income would require 'transformation' of social supports, committee hears

CBC News

Members of the P.E.I. Working Group for a Livable Income laid out a blueprint for a basic income guarantee in the province, speaking Thursday in front of a new legislative committee tasked with exploring the issue of poverty.

"Basic income requires a transformation of the system we have now," Ann Wheatley told members of the committee.

Wheatley is with the Cooper Institute, a social advocacy group and part of the larger Working Group for a Livable Income, which for the past 15 years has been delving into the issue of how to assure Islanders' basic needs are met.

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“The Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee:” Free Version available

Basic Income Earth Network

The Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee (2005) edited by Karl Widerquist, Michael Anthony Lewis, and Steven Pressman, published by Publishing is availed in a free version at this link.

This book available because most publishers allow authors and editors to post early version for free on their personal websites. That means it has lots of typos and other problems. But it’s a reasonable approximation of the final version. Please see the published version if you can. It’s available at university libraries.

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Economic analysis of child benefit bolsters case for national basic income

The Star

The Canada Child Benefit has not only lifted kids out of poverty, but it has boosted the country’s economy by $139 billion since 2016, according to a new economic analysis of the initiative being released Thursday.

The benefit, which the report says “acts as a basic income guarantee for families with children” contributes to Canada’s economy and prosperity by increasing family spending on goods and services.

It also shows how a basic income for all Canadians could have a similar payoff, says the analysis, sponsored by UBI Works, a new non-profit initiative led by CEOs from across the country to raise public awareness.

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Why a Canadian Basic Income Is Simply Inevitable

Good Men Project

In Canadian policy circles, Basic Income has come to mean a stipend paid to families or individuals without the many conditions and rules that govern existing income assistance programs. The amount received is gradually reduced as income from other sources increases.

However, Basic Income is not just about welfare reform. A Basic Income is most valuable to people in the middle class and those hoping to join them. Here’s why a Canadian Basic Income is inevitable.

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How the Canada Child Benefit ‘basic income’ helped out these 5 women

Roderick Benns

Julia Taylor knows all about the power of a basic income, although she wasn’t a part of the Ontario Basic Income Pilot that occurred in Lindsay, Hamilton, and Thunder Bay area. Taylor’s ‘basic income’ was her Canada Child Benefit, something nearly four million Canadians receive.

“Receiving that benefit topped up our income so I didn’t have to go back to work (right away) — it was my guaranteed basic income,” Taylor says.

Like basic income policy, the Canada Child Benefit comes with no strings attached for families.

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The Economic Case for a Universal Basic Income


People have many reasons for supporting a universal basic income (UBI). Moralists maintain that an income sufficient to cover the necessities of life is a basic human right that should be guaranteed by society as a whole. Futurists fear that jobs, as we know them, will become obsolete due to automation. Environmentalists see a UBI as a way of breaking a treadmill of overproduction and overconsumption that is destroying the planet.

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UBI Works Announces New Initiative to Highlight Economic Case for Universal Basic Income in Canada


Today, UBI Works launches a new initiative to equip citizens with evidence-based narratives highlighting the economic need and potential of a universal basic income (UBI) in Canada.

UBI Works was created to tell the economic and human stories behind basic income and to correct the many myths that surround these programs. By collecting and sponsoring research, this diverse group of business leaders, politicians, economists, artists and social justice advocates aims to inform Canadians about the empirical realities of basic incomes. In partnering with academics, grass roots organizations and leading advocates, UBI Works will design and share narratives which challenge Canadians to envision and build a more prosperous future.

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