Finland's Universal Basic Income Had a Surprise Effect on People's Beliefs


Finland has completed a major trial into the effects of a basic income, and the preliminary results are positive. Recipients felt happier, less stressed, trusted politicians more, and even felt more comfortable on the same levels of income as people that did not receive a basic income.

“The findings are broadly positive, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions,” Luke Martinelli, a research associate from the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath, tells Inverse. “There are some significant results on self-reported well-being and levels of trust in other people and institutions.”

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Premier needs primer in the value of universal basic income to the economy

The Star

Doug Ford, premier of Ontario, is poised to kill one of the world’s most ambitious and sophisticated universal basic income pilot projects (UBI), cutting a year off its intended three-year duration. The decision was made last July, soon after the Ford government came to power, and is effective March 31.

Ontario’s new government is able to do that because the UBI project, and its promise to reinvent social assistance and give poor people greater incentive to join the paid workforce, is scarcely known or understood.

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The 4 key ways basic income changed people’s work lives for the better

Roderick Benns

While the federal government may be considering the merits of a basic income for Canadians, those participating in the Ontario pilot know already how it was changing their lives for the better.

In fact, there were four key ways basic income directly affected people’s work lives, according to survey information – more learning and education; affordability of transportation; starting or maintaining a business; and childcare.

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Basic income 'saved me' from returning to the streets, Thunder Bay recipient says

CBC News

A participant in, and an advocate for, the basic income pilot project in Thunder Bay, Ont., says he's facing a lot of uncertainty now that the program is in its waning weeks.

The pilot, launched by the previous provincial Liberal government, was cancelled after the Progressive Conservatives came into office in the June 2018 election. Despite the six-month wind-down, anti-poverty activists have said canceling the program ahead of schedule puts many in very difficult situations.

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Did Finland's basic income experiment work?

BBC News

Finland has just completed a major basic income experiment where 2,000 unemployed people were given €560 (£490) a month for two years, instead of their unemployment benefit.

The basic income was paid with no strings attached. Recipients weren't required to seek or accept jobs but still received the payment if they found a job.

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The last days of basic income: For those in desperate need, what happens now?

CBC News

In just a few weeks, Ontario's ambitious basic income pilot project will be over, cancelled by Doug Ford's Conservative government. The last payments go out March 31.

For the 4,000 people from Hamilton, Thunder Bay and Lindsay who depended on that money to survive, what happens now?

CBC Hamilton hosted a live chat on this page and on the CBC Hamilton and CBC Thunder Bay Facebook pages from noon to 1 p.m. Friday. Laura Cattari, a basic income recipient from Hamilton, Sheila Regehr, Basic Income Canada Network Chairperson, Tom Cooper of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction and Joshua Hewitt, a recipient from Thunder Bay, were all part of the panel. 

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Basic income judicial review: A view from the gallery

Jamie Morris

Monday, January 28. Outside it’s bitterly cold, winds swirl, and an Alberta Clipper is expected to bring up to 20 cm of snow. In Osgoode Hall’s courtroom number three all is calm and well-ordered. Tiers of dark wood benches line the room below a vaulted ceiling and an elaborate chandelier.

But there’s an air of expectancy: Basic Income is having its long-awaited day in court, and not just any court, but the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

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