New book called 'It's Basic Income' released by Policy Press

From Policy Press

Is a Universal Basic Income the answer to an increasingly precarious job landscape? 

Could it bring greater financial freedom for women, tackle the issue of unpaid but essential work, cut poverty and promote greater choice? Or is it a dead-end utopian ideal that distracts from more practical and cost-effective solutions?

In It's Basic Income, contributors from musician Brian Eno, think tank Demos Helsinki, innovators such as California’s Y Combinator Research and prominent academics such as Peter Beresford OBE offer a variety of perspectives from across the globe on the politics and feasibility of basic income.

Sharing research and insights from a variety of nations – including India, Finland, Uganda, Brazil and Canada - the collection provides a comprehensive guide to the impact this innovative idea could have on work, welfare and inequality in the 21st century.

The chapter called Growing a movement: the Canadian context, was provided by Basic Income Canada Network's Roderick Benns and Jenna van Draanen.