Register for the 2018 NABIG Congress, May 24-27 in Hamilton!

Register for the 2018 North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Congress, May 24-27 at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario!

Titled Basic Income: Bold Ideas, Practical Solutions for discussion of the idea of Basic Income, the 17th Annual NABIG Congress is a great opportunity to learn about the most recent thinking in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe on this important issue.

See the final Congress Program and posters for the three free public events - May 24 opening night, May 25 Mincome film premiere, and May 26 Artists for a Basic Income music and social night!

The 2018 NABIG Congress will run from Thursday May 24, 6:30pm, run all day on Friday May 25 and Saturday May 26 (with optional evening activities), and end at about noon on Sunday May 27 (with brief Basic Income Canada Network and US Basic Income Guarantee Network organizational meetings to follow, for those interested).

The major themes for the 2018 NABIG Congress are:

  1. The converging paths leading to basic income (e.g., health, human rights, automation, sustainability, democracy, etc.)
  2. Making basic income a reality, through pilots, policy, and public support.

Speakers to include:

  • from Canada, Senator Art Eggleton, Member of Parliament Guy Caron, Evelyn Forget (population health and Manitoba Mincome), Ron Hikel (executive director of Manitoba Mincome), Yv Bonnier Viger (public health), Josephine Grey (human rights), Jim Mulvale (environment), and Kourtney Koebel (design and costing)
  • from the US, activist Kate McFarland (pilots globally), filmmaker Conrad Shaw (media), and filmmaker Ken Fisher (led the creation of a documentary on Manitoba Mincome to be premiered Friday night May 25!) 
  • from Mexico, ECLAC research coordinator Pablo Yanes (constitutional issues)
  • from Portugal, Sarah Bizarro (poverty, human freedom)
  • from Chile, Jurgen De Wispelaere (political analysis)

See final Congress Program and be sure to register! 

You can also download and share the 2018 NABIG Congress poster. There are three poster versions to select from:

The annual NABIG Congress is organized by the Basic Income Canada Network and the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network. The 2018 Congress is organized in collaboration with McMaster University, the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty ReductionLow Income Families Together (in Toronto), and other partners. 

We hope to see you in Hamilton May 24-27, 2018!