NABIG Call for Participation Now Open

The 18th annual North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Congress will be held June 15-16, 2019 at the Silberman School of Social Work of the Hunter College in New York City, in the United States of America.

Major Theme: Basic Income on the Policy Agenda

Fifty years after a basic income bill was first introduced in the U.S. Congress, basic income is once again on the policy agenda in North America. Pilot programs, controlled trials, documentaries, and debates are bringing basic income into mainstream policy conversations. The 2019 NABIG Congress invites participants to consider how to advance basic income on the policy agenda at local, national, and regional levels through

  • Proposals for implementation and financing
  • Plans for building grass-roots support
  • Discussion of alternative and complementary policies such as conditional cash transfers, guaranteed jobs, and expanded educational opportunity
  • Strategies for getting basic income on the political agenda of parties and legislatures across the region.

Proposals for presentations, panels, workshops, and alternative presentation formats that address the themes above are now invited.

The Congress is open to any disciplinary or theoretical approach or political perspective, including those who express constructive skepticism toward basic income or advocate for variants. We want to hear diverse points of view from individuals and groups actively engaged in questions of income security and economic equality. We are especially interested in proposals from those who are part of larger networks, and who have the capacity and commitment to further share their own learning and experience of basic income with others.

Types of Participation

  • Individual Presentation of 15-20 minutes with additional Q&A
  • Panel Discussion of 3-4 people, 60-90 minutes
  • Interactive / Participatory Workshop, 60-90 minutes
  • Alternative Presentation Format using art, dance, drama, etc
  • Have a novel suggestion? Let us know!

Submission Deadline and Contact Information

The deadline for proposal submissions is February 18, 2019.

To apply

Fill out the form at

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.