MPP fights to bring back basic income pilot project in Thunder Bay

CBC News

Thunder Bay- Superior North MPP Michael Gravelle says he's hopeful that the province's basic income pilot project can still be saved.

Gravelle said he made a Facebook post earlier this month asking for feedback from residents who have been "directly or indirectly affected" by the abrupt and early cancellation of the research project on August 1.

​"This has been a disastrous decision by the provincial government," Gravelle told CBC News, "I don't understand it and certainly based on the responses I've received ... the program needs to be maintained."

He said he's collected testimonials from more than 50 of the program's participants and have heard from residents with personal experience on how much this pilot project has made "a huge positive difference" in their lives.

"It has allowed people to for example, return to post-secondary education, to begin to build a career. Allowing themselves to truly have a hope of lifting themselves out of poverty," Gravelle said.

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