Maureen Grier
Calgary, AB
I am a native of Alberta. My family has deep roots in this province. I attended University of Calgary. I have worked at various jobs over the years. I have one adult daughter. I have been active in The Green Party for the last 10 years but especially th

I totally believe in Basic Income for everyone. After much thought lately I am convinced that a wide portion of the population can benefit from basic income. I am in agreement with all of your policies. Before I even read your policies I had come up with many similar arguments in favour of basic income.

I am in a position now where I could really use basic income.  I just want to help promote this idea. I have sent about 10 emails to CBC, provincial ministers, federal ministers, MLA, MP, and mayor advocating for basic income. I have talked with random people as well as friends in support of basic income. 

I have been active in The Green Party for several years. Basic Income is a Green Party policy (that I was not aware of until recently). Since Elizabeth May recently posted on Facebook promoting Basic Income I have given it a lot of thought and am now really passionate about advocating for basic income.