Margaret Olscamp
I am a visual artist, a senior and a grandmother.

The Basic Income Canada Network seems to be working for a just cause.

I support the idea of basic income because it is very difficult for a person to find honest work that pays a living wage.  

Sure, there are opportunities to "make a killing" so long as you are willing to scheme someone else out of their share of our earth's bounty.  However, I was raised to believe that this is unethical.  
As a senior, I look back and wonder at a world that can use and abuse people as it does.  We humans deserve better. 
No person should have to go begging or live in slavery to a hateful job or an abusive partner. Without money there is nothing for education or job-training, no independence, no choice and not much of a chance at life.  
Perhaps basic income is not the perfect answer but it sounds better than anything I've seen or experienced in my lifetime.