Liberal MP Says Some Cabinet Ministers ‘Very Supportive’ Of Basic Income

Huffington Post

Liberal MP Julie Dzerowicz says her push for basic income has traction among her caucus colleagues, including a number of cabinet ministers. 

Dzerowicz introduced a private members’ bill this week, Bill C-273, which calls on the federal finance minister to study guaranteed basic income models and develop a national strategy to evaluate how a program could be implemented in Canada. 

“I will tell you that I do know that there’s cabinet ministers that are very supportive of basic income,” the Toronto MP told HuffPost Canada during a virtual meeting availability to discuss her bill Thursday. There’s a “broad swath” of Liberal caucus members who support the idea, Dzerowicz said. “I don’t want to give you the number, but it’s quite a few.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau previously signaled that he isn’t in a hurry to endorse basic income yet. The government is still due to unveil details of promised new national programs, such as a child-care system and pharmacare.

Trudeau told Liberal party supporters in a virtual town hall back in December that basic income is “not something that we see a path to moving forward with right now.”

The realities of work are changing faster than ever, Dzerowicz said, adding an observation that more workers are shifting to the gig economy, making temporary short-term work increasingly common. Future job security is also being threatened by automation and artificial intelligence. 
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