It’s possible to eradicate poverty in Canada

Nunatsiaq News

A homeless person asking for change. An unemployed hopeless youth. A single parent working two jobs. A worker earning a minimum wage that’s way below a living wage. A child deprived of nutritious food. A family striving to find an affordable place to call home.

Poverty is real and we witness it every day.

Defined as economic deprivation, poverty is more than that. Poverty is an assault on human rights.

People susceptible to poverty experience it differently, but for many there is one shared factor: it’s hard to get out of the cycle of poverty. Sadly, poverty could be passed to the next generation as well.

It doesn’t help to turn a blind eye to the social and political factors that contribute to poverty.

But there is one simple concept that we can all adopt: by lifting each other up, we will all have better economic and social standards. However, this requires political will.

The good news is that eradicating poverty in Canada is possible, and you can take the steps to make this happen. If there are many of us concerned, poverty will be history.

A federal election is around the corner and there is a chance for eradicating poverty to be a top priority— with collective action, let’s ask for this to be on all candidates’ platforms, regardless of their parties. Eradicating poverty must not be partisan.

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