Is Canada ready for a basic income program?

Global News

Speculation has it that the idea of a basic income program is on the table and being seriously considered as the Trudeau government puts the finishing touches on the upcoming speech from the throne.

You may recall that the Wynne government instituted a basic income pilot project in a handful of Ontario cities, including Hamilton, and early indications seemed to indicate that the program was having a positive impact on low-income earners.

Doug Ford promised to continue the pilot project if he formed government, but he reneged on that promise and the program died.

Too bad, because the concept of a basic income is not some crazy, left-wing idea, as some critics have characterized it.

It was actually championed by longtime Conservative strategist and former senator Hugh Segal as a way to give low-income and challenged Canadians an opportunity to better their situation, and with an economy devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic and millions of Canadians in a much more precarious situation than they were a year ago, maybe it’s time to consider a basic income program.
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