Introductory Reading

A Basic Income Guarantee for All: The Time Has Arrived (2016): A February 2016 speech in Ottawa by Rob Rainer, picking up on positive developments for basic income in Canada, touching on key challenges facing the Canadian basic income movement, and responding to two of the most oft-heard concerns or objections to basic income - its perceived cost and the so-called work disincentive.

A Canadian City Once Eliminated Poverty and Nearly Everyone Forgot About It (2014): A news article comprehensively reviewing the 1970s Manitoba Mincome experiment and what has been learned from it in recent years.

A Plea for Young People to Join the Fight for Basic Income: In a short article, Tony Kirby of Vancouver makes a case for youth engagement in the struggle for basic income.

About Basic Income: A short overview from the web site of Basic Income Earth Network with links to dozens of frequently asked questions, and much more on the BIEN site.

Basic Income and You: A web page from Basic Income Ireland with information relevant to Canadians; nicely describes how basic income can improve the lives of the employed, unemployed, self-employed, the young and those involved in caregiving or artistic/creative work.

Basic Income Guarantee: Backgrounder: By public health experts Brian Hyndman and Lisa Simon, this is an accessible introduction to basic income - definition, its history in Canada, potential benefits and more.

Cash transfers can work better than subsidies (2014): A news article on the “transformative” potential of basic income in India, based on recent pilot programs there.

Good Poor, Bad Poor (2013): A news article with an excellent critique of the prejudice that the poor are lazy, dependent etc.

How to put Canada back together again (2013): A distinguished Canadian journalist identifies basic income as one of “four big recommendations for repairing the tears in our social fabric.”

Income Security for All Canadians: Understanding Guaranteed Income (undated): This paper covers all the major issues from different models of how basic income works, to funding, pro and con arguments and a history of proposals in Canada, with good references for further reading.

Income Security for Working-Age Adults in Canada: Let’s consider the model under our nose (2008): This paper presents important information and analysis of Canada’s income security system.

Money for nothing: Mincome experiment could pay dividends 40 years on (2014): A news article focusing on the Manitoba Mincome experiment of the 1970s, featuring interviews with a couple of basic income recipients at that time.

Possibilities and Prospects: The Debate Over a Guaranteed Income (2009): This paper assesses the pros and cons of guaranteed (basic) income.

Rethinking the Idea of a Basic Income for All (2013): A news article in which the writer surveys right-of-centre American thought on basic income, noting how basic income has received support from the conservative and libertarian wings of the political spectrum.

Scrapping Welfare: The case for guaranteeing all Canadians an income above the poverty line (2012): A case for basic income by the always eloquent Hugh Segal, former Conservative Senator, former Chief of Staff to the Right Hon. Brian Mulroney, and presently the Master of Massey College in Toronto.

Social Determinants of Health: The Canadian Facts (2010): An excellent summary report of the various social determinants of health of which income is one.

The Basic Income We Want: Statement from Basic Income Canada Network on key guidelines for good basic income design. (In French: Le Revenu garanti que nous voulons Une déclaration du Conseil d’administration du Réseau canadien pour le revenu garanti)

The Case for a Guaranteed Income (2013): An infographic nicely contrasting basic income against welfare.

The Global Economy is Changing Rapidly (2018): A short and colourful cartoon story making the case for basic income (also available as a PDF file and a JPG file).

They can’t, but we can (2014): A Canadian income security expert provides his low-cost estimate of eliminating income poverty in Ontario via a basic income.

To Beat Back Poverty, Pay the Poor (2011): A news article surveying Brazil and Mexico’s success with basic income, with programs reaching tens of millions of families.

To end poverty, guarantee everyone in Canada $20,000 a year. But are you willing to trust the poor? (2010): A news article framing the possibilities of and barriers to basic income in Canada.