Hamilton activist Michael Hampson thrived on the Basic Income. He died after it was cancelled

The Spectator

If it weren't for the cats sometimes, I don't know if I'd bother rising to face the darkness of another day in this so-called happy new year. Apparently the days are getting longer but I'm not feeling it.

I'm usually more like the people in Newfoundland, recently extolled for their seemingly collective reply to the blizzard of blizzards, "Let's make beer fridges out of snow banks!"

Newfoundlanders living away from their home island wanted to fly back the moment they heard about the storm so they could experience the kind of community love and support so many of us only see in the news and dream about in our neighbourhoods.

Yet, among the happy news tales of Newfoundland resiliency has been the never-ending litany of climate crisis events, wars, epidemics, plane and helicopter crashes, racist, ableist, gender-based and homophobic violence, topped with capitalistic manoeuvring resulting in the death of democracy.

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