Halifax to wait-and-see on basic income

The Coast

A staff report on poverty reduction recommends Halifax hold off on endorsing a basic income pilot project from the province.

The municipality’s Community Planning and Economic Standing Committee asked for the report back in July after a presentation from Basic Income Nova Scotia

At the time, the group had suggested some minor steps HRM could take towards supporting a basic income project in the province; including declaring public support for the idea, encouraging other municipalities to do the same and offering to co-fund a feasibility study with the Nova Scotian government. 

All of those measures, BINS said, would be “consistent with [HRM’s] recently announced poverty strategy.” 

But Monday’s staff report by senior advisor Chris Bryant wasn't so encouraging.

“From HRM’s perspective…it seems premature to support basic income or encourage other municipalities to do so,” it reads.

Instead, Bryant recommends HRM holds off for now—monitoring and reporting back periodically on federal poverty reduction strategies and the basic income pilot projects underway in Ontario and Finland. 

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