Greens target poverty with basic income pitch

Winnipeg Free Press

A provincial Green government would implement a basic income for all Manitobans, if elected Sept. 10.

Green Leader James Beddome said it would cost $1.58 billion per year to pull every Manitoban out of poverty.

"We wanted to show what Manitoba could do alone," he said at a news conference Friday, flanked by federal Green Leader Elizabeth May.

"This is very doable and well within our means."

The Green plan would begin with $7,200 for a single adult. For a family, the basic income payment would be reduced to zero for a single adult making $53,333 in annual income and $75,407 for a two-adult family. The party says it's proposal would provide an extra $6,120 per year to a post-secondary student earning $8,000, and a full-time minimum-wage earner with an additional $4,000 per year.

May said if her party is elected in the coming federal election, she would look at expanding what the Manitoba branch wants to do by putting in place a guaranteed livable income across the country.

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