Government wants input on budget; Basic income advocates see opportunity

Sheila Regehr, chair of BICN.

As the federal government releases its pre-budget public consultation questionnaire, basic income advocates see an opportunity to provide input on what our government’s economic priorities should be.

“You won’t see basic income in the questionnaire, you have to add it in”, says Sheila Regehr, chair of the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN).  “There are several places where ‘other’ can be checked and you can type in basic income and give a reason for supporting the policy at the bottom,” she says.

As well, the government is accepting ‘formal letters and papers’ that can be submitted by simply uploading them.


“We encourage as many organizations as possible to submit a letter on their letterhead indicating basic income needs to be a priority for an economic recovery for all,” says Regehr.

She notes a letter doesn’t need to be long or detailed—it’s volume of support that counts. If you have a brief or a paper with more detail, however, do submit it too.

Last year, letters making the case for basic income for gender equality, arts and culture workers and others gained hundreds of thousands of signatures. Those letters have been submitted to the pre-Budget process for 2021.

This is a budget for a historic time - make your voice heard!