Global outrage sparked by PC's cancellation of basic income

The Star

The premature end of Ontario’s basic income pilot project is a serious breach of Canadian and international research ethics that harms Canada’s reputation on the world stage, say academics and activists from across the globe.

“Standards for the ethical conduct of social experiments involving humans have evolved significantly in recent years,” says University of Manitoba health economist Evelyn Forget in an open letter to Premier Doug Ford and Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod.

“Not only is the cancellation inconsistent with international best practices, but it violates your own Canadian policy for the ethical conduct of experiments involving humans,” warns Forget in the letter signed by more than 20 researchers and stakeholders participating in basic income initiatives around the world.

“Canada’s continuing leadership on balanced and humane economic policy has always mattered deeply to the international community,” the letter continues. “We ask you to reconsider. The world is watching.”

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