Food banks help the donor, but don't fix the problem: professor

From CBC News

A university professor in Nova Scotia says while turkey drives and food banks make the donors feel good — they don't fix a much larger problem of helping the poor.

Judy Haiven, who teaches in the Management Department at the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's University, is also the chair of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in Nova Scotia.

Haiven took exception earlier this year when she heard CBC Radio's Sunday Edition rebroadcast remarks on giving socks for the homeless, with host Michael Enright.

Haiven then felt compelled to write a response to the interview, and posted her article on the website, Media Co-op.

"After the Christmas rush here in Halifax, I began to think, 'What is it that people really need who are poor?' They don't need socks, they don't need a few more bus tickets so they can go to a doctor's appointment," Haiven told On the Go host Ted Blades this week.

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