Elections and New Opportunities at BICN

Dear basic income supporters,

The basic income movement is building, even snowballing, faster than many imagined and BICN is building too. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is going to be held in May again this year....but with some big differences that could involve you!

First, there are five existing Director positions open for election AND we are expanding the total number of Directors from 10 to 13, to allow for more voices and greater representation from across the country. This means up to eight people can be elected or re-elected to the Board of Directors this year for a two-year term. The deadline for nominations is April 20.

Second, we are seeking applications for Membership on a new and important BICN Advisory Council! We are starting with 30 members this year and are aiming for a good balance among people with diverse backgrounds, skills, experience and areas of expertise. We particularly want to encourage members who can represent local and regional groups to reflect the importance of their activism to the basic income movement. 

The deadline for applications is April 8.  Members will be accepted in time for them to vote in the election of Directors.

BICN is incorporated which means the Board of Directors has large responsibilities for complying with legislation governing non-profit corporations and that requires prudence. The Directors include founding members of BICN and up until now, only Directors voted. Last year we resolved to “develop measures to improve accountability and transparency, encourage interest in serving on the Board or in other capacities, and invite greater participation in elections and AGMs”.  By expanding voting membership and Board positions, we can become more democratic and maintain good stewardship. And we can continue to build our open networking model with an expanding range of amazing volunteers, informal connections and hopefully some more structured affiliations as well.

Third, the AGM will be held in Winnipeg on May 15, immediately following the North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress. AGMs have usually been held by conference call but the timing of the Winnipeg event affords a rare opportunity for a number of people to get together in person while others connect electronically. You don’t have to be a voting member to attend the AGM and be part of discussions about BICN and its place in the larger basic income movement.  More details will be available in April.

We know there is incredible talent and commitment out there so please consider a new role at BICN and put it to use! The Director Nomination Form and the Membership Application Form provide more information on how to get the ball rolling. 

Please circulate this message to anyone you think might be interested in these opportunities. Thank you!

Sheila Regehr
Basic Income Canada Network