Education & Advocacy Tools


7 Big City Mayors, 1 Great Idea: 1-page PDF highlighting recent expressions of support for basic income from the mayors of six of Canada's capital cities plus Mayor Nenshi of Calgary (download and rotate the document for ease of viewing)

Basic Income in a Modernized Social Security Framework: figure showing how basic income can nest with other social supports and earned income to provide economic and social security

The postcards can be downloaded easily by clicking on the following links: Basic Income It's Time postcard (front side); Basic Income It's Time postcard (back side). Please feel free to download them and reproduce as many as you want for your own use as well to share the files with anyone else who might want to use them.

BIG Charter (English); BIG Charter (Français)

City of Kingston's December 15, 2015 resolution for a "national discussion of a Basic Income Guarantee for all Canadians": also see BICN's news post on this development.

Evidence from Cash Transfer Initiatives (2015): table summarizing the evidence from cash transfer programs and pilots in Canada, other high income jurisdictions, and a number of low and middle income jurisdictions. This table is subject to updating as new information materializes.

Income-Related Policy Recommendations to Reduce Food Insecurity: policy statement from the Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health, recommending "federal-provincial consideration and investigation into a basic income guarantee, as a policy option for reducing poverty and income insecurity and for providing opportunities for people with a low income." See also this infographic.

Let's Talk BIG: 2-sided BICN postcard introducing basic income and ideas for engaging in the basic income movement

Let's Talk BIG - A community activist resource: From Community Food Centres Canada, this 32-page resource answers key questions about and rebuts major myths about basic income; includes many further resources for activists and advocacy

National Support for a Basic Income Guarantee: 2015 resolution of the Canadian Medical Association providing the CMA's support for basic income; resolution followed by a backgrounder 

Public Health Support for a Basic Income Guarantee: 2015 resolution of the Association of Local Public Health Agencies (in Ontario) providing alPHa's support for basic income

Responding to Common Objections to Basic Income (July 16, 2017): Suggested point-form narrative responses to typical objections to basic income

The Basic Income We Want: Statement from Basic Income Canada Network on key guidelines for good basic income design. (In French: Le Revenu garanti que nous voulons Une déclaration du Conseil d’administration du Réseau canadien pour le revenu garanti)

The Case for a Guaranteed Income: great infographic from Citizens for Public Justice, contrasting welfare against a "Guaranteed Livable Income" aka basic income