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Basic Income Canada Network depends heavily on donations to support our work. Each donation, no matter the amount, is valued and appreciated. We encourage monthly donation subscription to help generate a dependable stream of revenue from one month to the next.

Who's donating

Sheila Regehr
Brian Milani
Carolann Elliott
Ernie Lightman
Yvonne Stanford
R Scott serson
James Splane
Karen Dempsey
Deborah Gilchrist
Ellie and Clarke Topp
Sheila Regehr
Jenna van Draanen
Margie Sumadh
Ross Macdonald
Peter Prange
Peter Prange
Gay Richardson
Bruce Tefft
Rowena De Cundangan
Peter Leenaars
Rob Rainer
Alan Cavell
Art Eggleton
Brian Milani
Carolann Elliott
Steve Authier
Allan Greenbaum
Mohamed Mirza
Geoff Vincent
Ernie Lightman