Could a £2,400 basic income eradicate extreme poverty in Scotland?

BBC News

Scrapping the current benefits system and replacing it with a basic income could eradicate destitution, according to a new report.

The RSA charity wants to see every adult in Scotland given a basic annual income of £2,400, rising to £4,800. Children would be paid £1,500.

It claims the move would improve health and wellbeing while removing the stigma of receiving benefits.

But some critics say it would encourage fecklessness.

The Scottish government supports proposed trials of the system by councils in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife and North Ayrshire.

And it says it is interested in any ideas which could reduce poverty and tackle inequality.

The report supporting the idea of a universal basic income has been compiled by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA). It highlights trials in Canada and Finland which have suggested basic income could increase health and well-being without denting labour market participation.

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