C-BIG: Campaign for a Basic Income Guarantee for PEI / Campagne pour un revenu de base garanti Î.-P.-É
C-BIG is a project of Prince Edward Island Working Group for a Livable Income, a network of twelve community-based organizations formed in 2003. We believe that all citizens of PEI have a right to an income that allows us all to live in good health and with dignity. We believe that charity is one answer needed to deal with poverty in our community. The other is a social justice approach which aims to put good policies permanently in place which honour human dignity. We believe ending poverty is possible. Since its beginnings the PEI Working Group for a Livable Income has supported a guaranteed annual income as a way of ensuring that all people would have enough to cover basic needs and to live with dignity. Over the past year the Working Group, as one of the first community organizations in Canada to establish a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) Campaign, has dedicated a great deal of time and energy to BIG for PEI. There is now a Canada-wide movement developing, and we are part of that.