Caledon poverty advocate says cancellation of basic income program will hurt Ontario long-term

Caledon Enterprise

Jim Mulvale, a co-ordinator for the Ontario Basic Income Network, wants to share the stories of a group of 4,000 Ontarians who were part of a government-led income pilot program intended to create a better future that was taken away from them after the 2018 election.

The Caledon East resident believes the stories will share a different tone about the cancellation of the Ontario Basic Income Pilot than the government is.

“It was kind of a shock to everybody, when the government announced the cancellation (August 2018) because on the campaign trail, they said they would let it run its course,” Mulvale said. “Maybe philosophically they were against a program like this, but the statement that it was too expensive to run, or that it was a failure, are wrong.”

The pilot was a three-year program that saw a guaranteed basic income supplied to 4,000 low-income Ontarians in three different communities. The program was intended to test the results of supplying a guaranteed income to disadvantaged residents.

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