C4Media CEO talks universal basic income at TEDxWindsor

Windsor Star

“How do we have freedom if we don’t have options to choose?”

Floyd Marinescu, one of the founding members of CEOs for Basic Income, asked the audience at TEDxWindsor this question Saturday afternoon during his talk at the Chrysler Theatre.

CEOs for Basic Income is a group of 120 Canadian CEOs, business owners, and controlling shareholders that support a universal basic income.

Marinescu, CEO of C4Media which provides software development news and events for software engineers, began his talk by telling the crowd about his life growing up in a home with domestic violence.

“I could see how financial pressures were triggers and also enabling the violence,” he said. “I think in general these things (basic income) can even power dynamics.”

Marinescu said a universal basic income provides people with more options, whether that be to leave a domestic situation or a toxic work environment.

“People can choose to leave an abusive situation because they have that option,” he said. “They don’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay the bills the next two or three months as they look for something else.”

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