BICN releases 150 Words About Basic Income report

In early September, Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) invited our supporters to answer the question, in about 150 words: ‘How might a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) affect your life and those of your loved ones?’ We pledged to collate the answers and to share them with the Prime Minister and other key members of the federal Cabinet, as well as the leaders of the two major Opposition parties.

We received a tremendous response to our invitation from people across Canada! And, today, we are pleased to share with you our new report, 150 Words About Basic Income. This report presents compelling justification for basic income as a means of dramatically improving economic security, physical and mental health, freedom, civic engagement, and more.

150 Words About Basic Income first features our letter to Mr. Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, and New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh, followed by a summary of 500+ answers to our question, and then the individual answers themselves. Last week, we sent copies to the leaders and asked if they would be willing to meet with BICN to discuss basic income. We'll let you know what transpires. 

We are profoundly grateful to everyone who shared their story of the difference a BIG could make for them or their loved ones. Thank you, once again, for taking the time to write to us!

Sheila Regehr, Chairperson
Basic Income Canada Network