Basic income's potential in Canada worth a buck

Winnipeg Free Press

It’s no surprise that someone who had a bumpy start in life like Winnipeg-based author Evelyn Forget would be concerned with health, happiness and security.

Forget’s father died when she was 12, and she and her two younger siblings were raised by her mother, first on Mother’s Allowance and then on low-skilled and low-waged jobs.

Owing to her mother’s hard work as well as her own, Forget went on to become a professor of economics and an internationally recognized expert on basic income. What is a surprise is, unlike many who have succeeded as she has done, she has not forgotten how profoundly our social and economic circumstances shape our ability to take risks and to imagine brighter futures.

The argument Forget makes in this balanced and readable analysis of basic income for Canadians is that we will all be better off when the most marginalized among us can imagine and achieve those brighter futures.

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