Basic income rally held at Alberta legislature grounds amid looming CERB deadline

Global News

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit has been a lifeline for many Canadians.

“I don’t know what I would have done if they hadn’t introduced it. Not only am I a full-time self-employed artist and musician and music teacher but I have two small kids,” said Dana Wylie, who organized a basic income rally in Edmonton on Saturday.

Wylie says since the coronavirus pandemic started, her work opportunities immediately dropped. Like many in Edmonton, she applied for CERB.

“For me, it’s made all the difference and quite frankly provided me with more financial stability than I’ve ever had in my life,” Wylie said.

But that program is about to end. She and others took to the legislature grounds Saturday to drum up support for another potential program.

“Today is a bit of a rally looking at basic income in Canada as a possibility that we’re pushing for [the] federal government to begin that kind of initiative,” Michael Phair with the Coalition Canada Basic Income said.
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