Basic income plan aims to rid Spain of its 'hunger queues'

A minimum income plan is being drawn up by the Spanish government to tackle poverty and end the "hunger queues" that have become a frequent sight under coronavirus lockdown.

For 38-year-old Roberto Sotelo, from Madrid and his family, the economic impact of coronavirus is taking its toll. The construction worker was laid off three months ago, and the lockdown has so far stopped him from working.

"I have no resources right now, I am looking for help everywhere,  for people to help me. If I don't get that support, I don't know how I'm going to make it to the end of the month, it's almost impossible," he told CGTN Europe.

The hunger queues

Sotelo now relies on aid from one of Madrid's many food banks, and these "colas del hambre" or "hunger queues" are now a regular sight all across Spain. 

CGTN Europe visited one in the Madrid suburb of Cuzco. About 700 people were queuing around the block, waiting patiently in soaring temperatures.

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